Friday, June 11, 2010

Why I've Been Gone From YouTube

so the last video i made was just an "update" video & that was made about a week ago. the last actual makeup video was done about 2 weeks ago. it might not seem like a lot of time has gone by but on youtube its different lol so the reason why i've been gone is, like i said on my update video, there's a bit of construction being done to my house. we had to move all the furniture because they were fixing the rooms and the bathroom! they already finished but now we have to move the furniture back, so we're not exactly done :( hopefully everything goes back to normal in a few days because there's quite a few videos i want to do. for sure i will be doing a collective haul because i went shopping over the last few weeks. i MIGHT also do a lip video, but i'm not so sure yet. so i just wanted to let everyone know :)

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